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Introducing The Mighty Trains

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

More than just your local backyard band, The Mighty Trains Band has cultivated a unique Americana rock sound through the combination of different experiences and music interests from its cohorts.

As friends, and collaborators - the instrumental chemistry between the train's members is off the rails. (Haha, get it?)


Greg "Slicksteen" Selisker (Bottom Right)

Or the "Vested Conductor" as they call him. Greg keeps the train on the tracks. As lead vocals of the band - he uses his experience in music, and lyrical prowess to fuel the engine forward. Catch him slinging wheels, or jamming out to anyone from Bruce Springsteen to Morgan Wallen; while rocking a pair of wayfarers over his eyes, and a crisp vest on his shoulders.

Bob Campbell (Bottom Middle)
Glance at the photo above. Can you tell what instrument Bob plays? As the bands drummer, he keeps the train in rhythm. A keen ear, and diversity in music allows Bob to bring not only sweet t-shirts to the band, but necessary experience as well.

Larry Laske (Bottom Left)
With experience performing in other bands, and the creation of original music, Larry brings a veteran presence to the group. As the lead guitarist, he keeps the train running full steam ahead through his mighty riffs, and talent on the six string.

Marcus Aulie (Top Left)
Not only being incredibly diverse in music, Marcus kills it on the keys. He takes the pop culture term "keyboard warrior" to an entirely different meaning. As the lead keyboard player, and backup vocals - Marcus adds a great original touch to The Mighty Trains Band.

Kevin Larson (Top Right)
A band without a bassist is like a train without a horn - it's not complete. As a very important piece, and the lead bass player - Kevin provides the harmonic structure while keeping the train rumbling.


The vision for The Mighty Trains Band is to keep the train rolling through the creation of all original music, with the inclusion of unique covers. Ensure to keep your eyes peeled for the latest news on events, and media content. For further information please visit the Facebook page, or reach out via the contact page!

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Mr. Aulie is the best choir teacher ever!!

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